CT-Tool- and Firmware for MinimOSD
CT-Tool-r808.zipGUI and Firmware for MinimOSD rev. 808
IMU.adaptive.alt.cppAlternate IMU.cpp for MultiWii 2.3
BLHeliSuiteBeta13100.zipGUI and firmware for flashing ESCs with BLHeli
frsky_update_dft-test.tar.gzfrsky_update_dft source (no worky)
minimosd-extra-r726.zipVersion reported to work
FastSerial_r700.zipVersion r700 of FastSerial library
MinimOSD-KF-1.2.0.zipMinimOSD Firmware, Version by @vodoo for multicopters
txt2pho.gzText-to-speech phoneme generator binary for linux (gzipped)
txt2pho-0.9.4.tar.bz2Text to speech front end for mbrola
freephone.gzFreephone binary for linux (gzipped)
mbr301h.zipmbrola executable binaries for Linux / PPC
mbrola-3.01h.tar.bz2Source for the mbrola package excluding the executable binary file
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